How have wildfires impacted you?

The way forward in the era of Megafire

THE WEST IS BURNING raises awareness about the conditions of forests in the western U.S. Told through a full-feature documentary, we examine the history of forest management and litigation that led to the current conditions which are causing catastrophic fire nearly year-round. The film explores the urgent need to act now, and the potential to generate positive change in our forests, watersheds, and communities, both rural and urban.

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Why is this important

Hot Dry Summers

As summers get hotter, longer, and drier, dense woody fuels pile up and more of our forests will burn.


Megafires are threatening our communities, affecting our health, water supplies, and ecosystem in ways we are just beginning to understand.

Recovery Costs

Recovery costs are nearing trillions of dollars as these megafires engulf entire communities.

We need to embrace a new era of forest stewardship using all of our management tools including thinning, prescribed fire and managed wildfire.

Melanie Parker

Deputy Director, Sonoma County Regional Parks

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